How to utilize the time sheet:

  1. Click in cell I8 to add the week starting date which is the first day you work for the week
  2. Add your name in cell C11 and H11
  3. Add your time in and out as you are starting your day, taking your lunch, and/or ending your day. If you do not add it correctly it will show you the correct way to add it.
  4. Save this document, print, sign and provide to manager to be reviewed, signed, and uploaded at the end of each week.

The Manager will then be responsible to complete the next steps!

How to upload the time sheet back to the portal.

  1. Save the document to your computer.
  2. Click on add files, select your time sheet that you completed and click open.
  3. Next click on upload file to ensure your time sheet has been uploaded to your manager for approval.
  4. Your status should change from 0% to 100% once completed.  You will see a message that states “Your files have been uploaded successfully!” Then this file will move to your my files on the left for your later review. This is your confirmation that your manager now has your time sheet.