Thank you Serenity Consulting Firm for an amazing job well done. I’m amazed at the wonderful job that you have provided on the behalf of B.W.I.T Inc. If I had to rate Serenity Consulting Firm services, the rating would be off the chart. The firm is very knowledgeable, helpful and every experienced. Here is a true testimony of what happened to me before hiring Serenity Consulting Firm. I hired another consulting firm who’s name I wouldn’t dare mention, to complete my 501(c)3 I.R.S. document. Months went by & no document was provided. Keep in mind, the firm was Paid in full for the services. With the help of Serenity Consulting firm, I spoke with Mrs. Boose and explained to her my current situation with my old consultant. Mrs. Boose reassured me that she would follow with my old agent, acting as my current agent, on behalf of B.W.I.T. Happy to say, she was very successful in getting results. Serenity Consulting firm, followed up with my old consultant and (CC) me in all emails. My old consultant realized that Serenity Consultant Firm was serious about their clients and got the job done that I couldn’t. Bravo Serenity Consulting Firm. You are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!